Top 6 New Adults Only Series Produced During Covid-19

Mr. Francis Esq.
2 min readJan 22, 2021

Audiences are flocking to streaming platforms the world over in the hopes of escaping from the seemingly never-ending slew of bad news because of the on-going pandemic.

Netflix, Disney+, Prime are not the only options when it comes to delivering entertainment to their stressed-out audiences.

The adult film industry has also been very hard, pun intended, at work creating a slate of new erotically-charged series designed to give their audiences some much-needed release, pun intended again, during these stressful times.


№6 — The Masked Swinger: A undercover swinging competition in which celebrities from the adult film industry have sex with other people in the audience. Who then swing amongst one another in extravagant costumes with sexy masks to hide their true porn identities.

№5 — Emily Deep Inside Paris: An attractive, young, precocious woman from Middle-America is hired to work with a powerful, sexy French businesswoman named Paris to help her understand what American women want in the bedroom.

№4 — The Facedown: This lavishly produced historical adult series is about a slutty monarch’s affairs and her particular kink for having sex while her head is buried face first in a luxurious pillow.



Mr. Francis Esq.

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