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Social Media is like toilet paper for a creative person.

You need to use it every day.

And if you’re a freelance writer, like I am, well, then you need to use it all the time to get your work seen and hopefully land the odd gig or two.

I’m on LinkedIn, as a writer, a creative writer. I have an alert set-up so that every day I get notices about potential writing jobs.

This week I got this.

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After waiting for what seemed like an eternity to hear back from the traditional publishers I’d sent my book to, I finally said, “Screw it!”

I couldn’t wait any longer to hear if there was any interest in publishing my book.

As much as I love supporting local bookstores, and believe me, brother, I do. There comes a time when you have to do what’s right for your personal situation.

There’s an absurd amount of anxiety in the world right now, and no one knows when things will return to some form of normal that existed before the pandemic.


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World Hunger

Too many people on our planet don’t have enough to eat daily. Food Banks are full of people struggling to put a decent meal on their plates. In this day and age, it’s sad that we as a society haven’t solved world hunger. But.

Because of the ongoing Pandemic and COVID restrictions, I use several food box delivery services for my eating needs. These services package their meals in a box complete with ingredients and easy to follow menus on how to prepare and cook their dinners. But.

It’s hard to pick every week what I want to…

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“I’m telling you, Frankie; she really likes you. You should ask Liz out. She’d love it.” Chris said, fixing a gaze at me that I interpreted as, you’d better say yes or stop complaining to me about being alone.

I didn’t answer.

All I could think was, Why’s my old girlfriend asking me this? Is this a joke I’m not getting?

And then she flashed it.

Chris, my first girlfriend from over forty years ago, put on her; Im fucking serious, Frankie, face.

I sat there, still saying nothing and still utterly confused.

Our mutual friend, Liz, had gone to…

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It’s cold where I live. The city I live in is shut-down. And I reside by myself.

I don’t have a job other than writing and working on another book. I feel luckier than most.

On the good days, writing is a blessing. And on the bad days, it’s a pimple on my back that I can’t reach to scratch.

I need daily regimes, or I start to blur the days.

I wake up. I do some stretching and a round of breathing exercises, and then I journal.

And now I write on Medium, daily, as of a few days…

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The older you get as a man, the more you have to go to the washroom at night.

In my case, I’m sure it has something to do with my prostate, but I really don’t care that much to find out why or what to do about it.

I just accept it.

On some nights, I only have to get up twice to go to the bathroom.

That’s a good night.

And on other evenings I may have to use the facilities 4–6 times.

Those nights are hard, as it leaves little room for me actually to sleep.

Because of…

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My father never shut-up when I brought a French film over to my parents' house to watch with them.

He’d talk throughout the movie.

“Those French people, they really know to live.” Dad would bark out to no one in particular.

I think to his mind, he was declaring a fact.

Sometimes his comments had something to do with the film, and other times he appeared to be so moved that he felt compelled to say something out loud.

He’d speak about the French like they were a different species.

Somehow separate from the rest of the Human Race.


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Audiences are flocking to streaming platforms the world over in the hopes of escaping from the seemingly never-ending slew of bad news because of the on-going pandemic.

Netflix, Disney+, Prime are not the only options when it comes to delivering entertainment to their stressed-out audiences.

The adult film industry has also been very hard, pun intended, at work creating a slate of new erotically-charged series designed to give their audiences some much-needed release, pun intended again, during these stressful times.


№6 — The Masked Swinger: A undercover swinging competition in which celebrities from the…

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In a stunning admission of there being life on other planets, today, in one of his last acts as President, President Trump signed a Federal pardon directed at the “serpent men” from the Alpha Draconis system.

This little known binary star system is located in the constellation Draco and is approximately 303 light-years from Earth.

Trump explained that this race of reptilians, who have apparently lived on Earth for centuries, used their mind-control abilities to infiltrate his thoughts and administration and actively work against him and the American public.

According to Trump, this race of snake-like creatures have the ability…

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Boxing is a sport that polarizes people. You either love it, or you hate it.

Nothing in between. Ever.

Regardless of how you feel about the “sweet science,” there is one lesson that you need to be taking from the sport.

It’s a relatively recent phenomenon in the sport’s history, but by adopting this simple mindset, you’ll be ready for anything.

The ring walk.

Think about it.

Everything during these Pandemic infused days is a challenge.

Buying groceries — challenge.

Exercising — challenge.

Personal relationships — challenge.

Just meeting a friend for a coffee right now is an exercise in…

Mr. Francis Esq.

Mr. Francis Esq. hails from parts unknown of the Empire. And has just published his frightfully entertaining gift book — How Not To: Survive A Pandemic.

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